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When I purchased my 2015 Subaru BRZ, one thing I promised myself was that I would do a better job of documenting my adventures and experiences with this car, as compared with my last car. I wanted to be able to look back on my ownership later in life, and recall all of the fun times I has through more than just hazy memories.

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As such, I’ve started this blog to allow me to not only record and keep track of my experiences, but also to allow me to share them with others! I want friends, family and complete strangers, to be able to see that a car can be much more than a tool. It can be a toy, a sanctuary, an outlet, a tour guide, and – most importantly – a friend and companion.

“You don’t need a destination…

…to embark on a journey.”


I also love to take photos, and my car is often the subject, so this blog will include lots of them. I don’t have a fancy camera, so just about every single picture here (with the exception of a select few, as noted) was taken with my cell phone. This used to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and is currently a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You can see a few examples below:

BRZ in the fall in Wilmette Illinois
Skokie, IL


On weekends, you’ll often find me at an autocross. Autocrosses are non wheel-to-wheel events where vehicles are timed on runs through a short course defined by cones (in a large, open area; most often a parking lot.) I compete in events from three local chapters (Chicago Region SCCA, Milwaukee Region SCCA, and TSSCC) which are typically respectively held at Route 66 (Joliet, IL), Miller Park (Milwaukee, WI), or Lake County Fairgrounds (Grayslake, IL). I document each of these events in my blog, including any tweaks/modifications to the car setup, new issues that have arisen, and videos of my fastest runs (when I don’t forget to turn on the GoPro!)


If you are interested, please feel free to visit my blog to read all about my autocross experiences, road trips, modifications, and other adventures (the latest blog posts are shown below). Alternatively, just head straight to the gallery, for more photos of my BRZ. If you are a fellow “Toyobaru” owner, I’d love to hear from you as well, so feel free to share your experiences with me!

Happy Motoring 🙂

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