Chicago SCCA: Autocross Event #2 (2017)

Lead photo courtesy of Austin Boynton. Autocross #2 is in the books! I think the most interesting thing about this event was the course layout, which was quite odd. There were the two long, sweeping turns towards the beginning that were difficult to get right, and then there were a lot of slaloms that led into sharp turns which I kept forgetting existed. Nothing like coming out of a slalom at full throttle only to [...]

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TSSCC: Autocross Event #3 (2017)

Lead photo courtesy of Brandon Wilk Photography. Ohhhh boy! Stiff competition! TSSCC's first event was won by myself in STX. The last event was won by a gentleman co-driving someone's BRZ. This event was won by a different driver in a white BMW 135i. This makes for a very interesting, and exciting STX battle this season! All of our times were very close to each other, and we were each clawing away at our times on each run. [...]

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TSSCC: Autocross Event #2 (2017)

Autocross #2 for TSSCC is over, and it was definitely an interesting one. I got my butt handed to me by someone co-driving my nemesis Chris's BRZ (who was also called Chris!) 2nd place will have to do! I've learned to completely despise the Lake County Fairgrounds surface, because it brings out all of the weak points of my current suspension setup (street-oriented vs. autocross-oriented) which makes it difficult for me to be competitive. Of [...]

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AP Racing 4-Piston Factory Big Brake Kit (Front)

Full Disclosure: Essex Parts Services offered me a friendly discount on this AP Racing Big Brake kit in exchange for the promise of a thorough review of my experience with the product. They wanted an unbiased review, and that's what this is. Big brakes. Everyone loves big brakes. Everyone wants big brakes. It seems even the OEMs are fascinated with big brakes these days. The horsepower wars have been raging for several years now, and cars [...]

TSSCC: Autocross Event #1 (2017)

Lead photo courtesy of Meghan A. Yay! Grissom Air Force Base! I'd always been told that this was a fun surface to run on, but never managed to make it down here the one time a year that TSSCC does so, as it is 3 hours south of Chicago and I always had schedule conflicts. Not that I picked the best weather to finally attend the event. It was basically raining most of the time, [...]

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Chicago SCCA: Autocross Event #1 (2017)

We're finally back to autocross season, and kicking things off with Chicago Region SCCA's first official event of the year! I had hoped to return this year with a more competitive car (read: header and tune) but financial obligations prevented that from happening. The only change this year is the Fujitsubo Authorize R catback exhaust I installed last November, though realistically the only "performance improvement" I'll be getting out of it is a few pounds [...]

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5th Oil Change and Blackstone Labs Analysis

It's that time again! Once again, for those who are unaware, I follow a modified service interval for my oil changes. Rather than Subaru's recommended 6,000 mile interval, I've been doing 10,000 mile intervals. This is made possible by the use of AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 oil, which is rated for 25,000 mile interval oil changes under "normal use," and 15,000 mile changes under "severe use." Considering my use case (autocross, ice racing, Chicago daily [...]

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One Last Snow Storm (Random Pictures)

We didn't get much snow at all this year, which was rather disappointing. I don't mind cold weather if it's accompanied by snow - and lots of it. Cold without snow, however, is just plain miserable. Especially when you've got a set of snow tires, and are expecting to be able to go hooning around in the white stuff. Luckily, Mother Nature took pity on us, and gave us one more small storm to go [...]

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Clear, JDM Front Side Marker Lights

If you've been wanting to do this modification, but just haven't gotten around to it yet, do yourself a favor and go order a set right now. I had been meaning to do this ever since I purchased the car, but I was lazy and had other priorities. Then after my most recent ice racing adventure, I grazed a snow bank, causing no damage to my car other than snapping one of the clips on [...]

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Cadillac Horns: An Interim Solution?

I will start this post off by stating that I am not the sort of person who drives around honking my horn left-and-right at every person who does something stupid, or looks at me funny. I hate those kinds of people. I'm of the opinion that a horn is a last-resort device to avoid a collision, or alert another driver to an immediate danger. It is not to be used to voice your displeasure, or [...]

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