#GRIDLIFE IceBattle Winter Auto-X

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So here we are again. I definitely wasn't going to let this entire winter pass without attending one of these events! So when a #GRIDLIFE IceBattle event showed up on my Facebook feed, I had to jump on it. I wasn't sure what was going to be different about this event, as opposed to a regular event, but it turns out it was pretty much the same, just that they printed some vinyl stickers for [...]

Snow RallyCross at Milwaukee Mile and Ice Racing on Sinissippi Lake

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Lead photo courtesy of Milwaukee Track Days What a fun-filled weekend! I participated in two different events, and while I expected both to be somewhat similar experiences, it turns out that "Winter RallyCross" and "Ice Racing" can be very different animals! Saturday, January 23rd: Winter RallyCross #1 hosted by Milwaukee Track Days This was my first "Winter RallyCross" event, and so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had assumed it would be [...]

Ice Racing on Lake Neshonoc!!!

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So yeah. I went ice racing this past weekend. It was AWESOME. Ice racing. On a frozen lake. RACING ON ICE. Because #RACECAR! This was hands down some of the most fun I have EVER had in a car. You are more or less sideways the entire time, and it's absolutely hilarious. There's no MAJOR risk to the car if you spin out, but it is possible to tear your bumper off if you spin [...]