Our Run-In with a Mesocyclone

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Here's a fun experience I had coming back from my most recent autocross this weekend. I was following my girlfriend in her STi, and my dad was in the passenger seat, and we ran straight into a very violent storm. Got a little over-excited, as you can tell in the audio. I'm not a storm expert, but I do enjoy watching them, and being in them! Afterwards, I reached out to my storm-chaser friend Jesse [...]

A New Winter Setup (and Snow Adventures!)

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This being the first "major" snow storm of the season, I figured it was time to go out and take some photos of the new winter setup. I've sold the 16" steelies. I had grown to like the "winter beater" look that they gave to the car, but my plan had always been to use the stock STi wheels for the winter. So this year, I made a trip down to TireRack, and picked [...]

So This Happened on My Way to Autocross

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I was merging onto I-94 Westbound at around 5:50 AM in Skokie, IL, headed up to Milwaukee for autocross, and while I was on the entrance ramp, a pretty, red Honda S2000 passed by, slightly lowered, riding on Enkies. I thought perhaps he was heading to autocross too (he wasn't), but he appeared to be traveling a bit faster than I was, so I didn't think I would catch up to him......except that literally [...]

A Few Photos from Galena

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Myself and three friends decided to take a day trip to Galena to further explore that town and the various roads surrounding it. It turns out there are a lot of good driving roads out there, and the scenery is gorgeous. Illinois does have hills! My friend has a white Series.Blue, so we were twinning all day! When we parallel parked in downtown Galena, it was really funny how much attention they got. Scenic Overlook on Route [...]

They Grow Up So Fast

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Only 19 months ago she rolled off of showroom floor with only a single digit displayed on the odometer. Now we have only 6,000 miles left before the basic warranty coverage expires. (A warranty which I should point out, I have yet to make use of yet. Hopefully it stays that way!)

Terrible Twos!

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Couldn't help but try to recreate a photo I took with my first car, where I timed the trip meter, and odometer so that I was able to get 222,222 222.2 on the dash. Of course, with the digital gauge here you only get one or the other, so I figured I'd substitute the gear position indicator (yes, this is a manual car), and the speedometer. 22,222 miles in 2nd gear at 22 MPH :P [...]

Chicago’s Largest November Snowfall in 120 Years

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This winter is supposed to be unusually warm due to the super-strong El Niño that is in effect, and indeed it has been rather warm recently. However, we just got walloped with the largest November snowfall the Chicago region has seen in 120 years! It wasn't an absurd amount of snow, but some places had 18" or so. Having heard about this impending storm, I quickly made the switch to winter tires, so I'll [...]

One Year Anniversary: 19,000 Miles Later

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One year ago today (also on a Sunday, actually), I visited Autobarn Subaru of Countryside, expecting to just have a look at a Subaru BRZ Limited, and perhaps talk pricing with one of the sales representatives. What actually happened was that I completely fell in love with the pretty Series.Blue Edition BRZ sitting on the showroom floor, and decided then and there to take her home with me before someone else did. I'd never purchased [...]