One Last Snow Storm (Random Pictures)

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We didn't get much snow at all this year, which was rather disappointing. I don't mind cold weather if it's accompanied by snow - and lots of it. Cold without snow, however, is just plain miserable. Especially when you've got a set of snow tires, and are expecting to be able to go hooning around in the white stuff. Luckily, Mother Nature took pity on us, and gave us one more small storm to [...]

A Few Photos from Galena

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Myself and three friends decided to take a day trip to Galena to further explore that town and the various roads surrounding it. It turns out there are a lot of good driving roads out there, and the scenery is gorgeous. Illinois does have hills! My friend has a white Series.Blue, so we were twinning all day! When we parallel parked in downtown Galena, it was really funny how much attention they got. Scenic Overlook on Route [...]

Red, Green, Blue

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Another benefit to World Rally Blue is that it is really easy to photograph against all kinds of interesting backdrops. Blue just isn't a common color (yes, I'm ignoring the whole sky), so odds are if you find a cool place to take a photo, the car will contrast nicely against it. Highland Park, IL