Milwaukee SCCA: Autocross Event #8 (2016)

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Lead photo courtesy of Brian Stone. Today was an interesting weekend. My mom came to visit, which doesn't sound entirely relevant to autocross, but it's the reason I was at this Milwaukee Region event this weekend. She wanted to see what autocross was like, and well... as you will see from the video below, she definitely found out all about what autocross is like! As far as the event itself, I feel pretty confident in [...]

Second Autocross in the BRZ!

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Was experimenting with different angles again. My best run is first, from the roof. I like that this angle gives you a good view of the course, but there is too much wind noise. The second clip is a slower run, but you can see me, and also hear more of what the car is doing. Also a funny comment by the announcer at the end :P